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Welcome to the new home of eThomasGroup.biz! After 5 years of assisting our clients meet their collaboration needs, we are transforming into a virtual machine-based services company. We are convinced that these two concepts go hand in hand, and we are in the process of transforming eTG, Inc. to take advantage of them. If you are new to these terms or are unsure of what they mean, this will help:

At eTGVirtual.com we have four goals for our clients:

  1. Enable them to create IT resources (including servers & networks) on demand in minutes

  2. Give their data eternal life using our DRPak® technology

  3. Set their employees and partners free from any particular desktop or location

  4. Provide tools and processes which they can use to create robust, flexible and secure workflows

As our clients transform their IT infrastructure and workflow systems, their most important assets (people) become more effective while costs are reduced. As a result, IT goes from being a cost of doing business to being a profit center supporting, and even driving, the bottom line.

Sound too good to be true? See for yourself, and contact us today for a web-based demo and phone consultation. Our first meeting requires no commitment or obligation, and our work is always guaranteed.